Latest 10 Best Reviews of Big V Telecom In 2017

The Cloud – Telephony Company: Big V Telecom offers simple and affordable telephony solutions to all the businesses. Reviews of Big V Telecom is customer – focused, result oriented and cost-effective voice based solutions. Big V Telecom is recognized for bringing up the cloud-based technology for small and medium companies. Big V Telecom- Telephony solutions are well manageable. Also, helps in enhancing the growth of the organization as they have the wide range of ingenious telephony solutions.

Big V Telecom reviews takes care of all the calls from the customers’ point. It is a multi- tasking system which alters calls, records them, archives them and transfers them all at the same time.

Here are some of the resources that’ll make you better at Reviews of Big V Telecom:


  • Sachin Tiwarkhede, General Manager at Sequel Ford, Nagpur


We are using unique YOCC-Your Own Contact Centre services provided by Big V Telecom. YOCC has helped us in enhancing our dealership identity in customers mind through a Single easy to

Recall the number, YOCC offers all our services to customers in one go, now we don’t have a separate number for sales, service, exchange, customer care etc… YOCC handles all.

As a Sales Head I need to travel for business trip, conferences or even when I am not in office YOCC’s Mobile App enables me to stay connected to my dealership & team where ever I go, I can see how many enquiries have come department wise, guide and monitor my team from anywhere.

In all I am so much impressed by the YOCC technology provided by Big V telecom that i have recommended the use of YOCC technology for all dealers in Fords Best Practices.


  • Mr. Siddharth Datar, Managing Director at Greeny Gold- Reality & Infra (India PVT LTD.)


I am using the YOCC- your own call center services of Big V Telecom for a long time. Thanks to YOCC now we are getting all the additional real Estate businesses due to multiple call handling feature which were missed earlier due to miss calls, busy tones or Call waiting. Through YOCC, we are able to do advertisement quantification of all our newspaper ads and the automated database the system Generates is remarkable for real estate as the same database we can use for our upcoming projects.


  • Heriatge Hotel, Nagpur


With Big V Telecom – YOCC (Your Own Call Centre), now a single designated number is enough to act as monitoring tool and provider for Value Added Services. Receiving multiple calls is now no more a far-fetched idea. It has made our Hotel more active and well informed with an unbelievable round – the – clock utility. The multiple calls handling capacity of YOCC has enabled us to acknowledge each call. The finest element has been that a single pilot number has reduced our advertisement cost to a great length. The systematic YOCC interface allows us to view the call logs and vice logs and voice logs and helps us to supervise the way our executives handle the clients.


  • Leslie Salve, Group General Manager, Renault Nagpur


We are using unique YOCC-Your Own Contact Centre services provided by Big V Telecom for our multiple dealership locations of Renault at Nagpur, Chandrapur, Akola, Amravati, Yavatmal, Aurangabad, Jalgaon, Nanded, & Nashik. YOCC has helped us in enhancing our dealership identity in customers mind through a Single easy to remember number, YOCC offers all our services to customers in one go. Now through YOCC we don’t miss a single Renault vehicle enquiry for sales as YOCC takes multiple customer calls simultaneously. We are now able to quantify our advertisement responses like how many sales enquiries are generated, pickiest hour of customer calling, which executive took the call & so on which was not possible earlier.


  • Ms. Rama Jethe, Sales head, Volkswagen Nagpur


We at Volkswagen Nagpur are using unique YOCC-Your Own Contact Centre services provided by bigV telecom. YOCC has helped us in enhancing our dealership identity in customers mind through a Single easy to remember number. YOCC’s Voice Log feature enables me to hear all communications happened between our customers & executives which is highly beneficial for commitment checks, internal training & monitoring purposes. YOCC has made our Customer Care management dynamic and instant connect for all our valued customers.


  • Sanjay Arora, Ad Guru & CEO, Shells Advertising Inc


YOCC is an effective communication tool which handles call traffic throughout advertising campaigns. We get the exact ROI of the advertisements. All the calls get automatically recorded which are beneficial for quality checks and further training enhancements.


  • Vishnuji Manohar, Director at Vishnuji ki Rasoi


We have our Rasoi concept at multiple locations for which we wanted one-point business communication solution, for which YOCC provided us a unique easy to remember single number brand identity for our multiple location, also thanks to YOCC now we are able to quantify our advertisements and can do better media planning.


  • Sameer Meghe, Director at Meghe Group of Institution


Admission process in education sector is an area highly dependent on communication. Thanks to YOCC which is customized as per our needs helped us in resolving all communication problems and streamlining the admission process of our 20+ institutes. It enabled us to monitor the admission counseling progression effectively.


  • Raju Kariya, PRO, Bollywood Film Industry


Big V’s Audio Profile is working very well for me. It successfully highlighted my USP from my peers. Audio Profile enabled me to record my profile in my own voice sharing my achievements and remarkable things which I have attained in my career.


  • Jaisingh Rajwade, Director at Bansal Classes (Western Region)


We have centers across multiple cities. YOCC is just not a communication tool for us, it is a useful monitoring tool. We are even getting location wise and course wise database of callers at a very affordable price.”

With all the above testimonial, you can look out how Big V Telecom – The Cloud- Telephony based company is working out for the various other small or big industries with their product known as YOCC: Your Own Calls’ Center. With the help of YOCC, the companies are getting benefit and retaining the strong relationship with their clients or users.


Skills That You Can Learn From Reviews of Big V Telecom

Reviews of Big V Telecom– the contemporary marketing field of Telecommunication. The Big V Telecom has brought out the notion of Cloud- Telephony and now it’s getting widespread among the varied industries. With the breakthrough of Technology, the Cloud-Telephony services have become more feasible and customizable. The Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews has given the businesses the freedom from having to support the complex PBX system as now everything is cloud-hosted and it doesn’t require any user to maintain in-house network.

Here the skills that you can learn from reviews of Big V Telecom:

  1. Handle your business with the virtual number: The well-connected telecom system means taking the multiple phone numbers to integrate various regions and divisions. But, with the development of cloud telephony services, there has been a transformation in the way organizations operate their internal as well as external connections. The single virtual number can combine all your locations and units and instantaneously handle multiple calls.
  2. Manage your businesses from anywhere around the globe: Cloud-based call center is best known for assimilating all the communication services into the single unit. This communication system also ensures that one can manage the business from anywhere. The Big V Telecom is the Cloud Telephony Service providers in India, the first Tata Elxsi incubated company provides the web as well as mobile app connection by which businesses can track and listen to all calls logs.
  3. Higher business efficiency: with the Big V Telecom reviews your accommodated call center offers you with the incessant connectivity even in the predicament circumstances like bad climate conditions or while you are in mid of shuffling your office. So, with the help of this service, your business is always running up and one can never miss out any business prospect due to the absence of connectivity.  All available at extremely affordable cost, as there is no infrastructure set-up or manpower needed.
  4. Increase productivity: The virtual contact center doubles up as a systematic tool which boosts the overall employee and business productivity. It gives the detailed analysis of business interaction and empowers the employees to better resolve the customer queries.

With the change in the pattern of work, today’s many companies have scattered their workforce and the employees working outside the office premises at the flexible hours. Such workforce can be easily managed by virtual call centers.

Big V Telecom, the Cloud-Based Telephony Company, offers a combined marketing system with its product: Dial n Disconnect. It’s one of the best solution providers in the Telecommunication sector.  Big V Telecom reviews manages all kind of customer responses and feedbacks.

With the cloud telephony services, one can upscale the telecommunication facilities as per the requirement. It’s the best addition to business infrastructure. The easiest and effective way of communicating.

It is available at feasible cost, since there is no set-up needed in terms of infrastructure nor any manpower required to handle this. The cloud telephony not only helps in cutting down the operation cost but also initiates the flexible, responsive and more productive working atmosphere.

14 Common Misconceptions About Big V Telecom Consumers Complaints

When a product is launched in the market, it creates ripples among the customers. Positive and negative feedbacks start to stream down from buyers. While that’s a matter of quality and opinion, there is a third agent that is at work here. Its misinformation spun out from questionable sources that make way for misconceptions to find a place in the minds of the users. Like all other services, misconceptions are rife about the Big V Telecom consumers complaints system too.  If you, as an interested buyer or an existing client, wish to get to the bottom of these frazzled information, read about 14 common misconceptions about the Big V Telecom franchise review and the truth about them.


  • It’s Super-Expensive: No it’s not. On the contrary, the Big V Telecom consumers complaints is one of the most competitively priced service in the market. A little research will get the fact straight.
  • It’s Not for Corporations: The service is for organizations of any scale that understands that the smallest changes involving technology can save a company a bulk of resources, both human and monetary. The system is equipped to handle huge call loads, and that makes it befitting for all sized corporations.
  • It’s for Computer Savvies: The Big V Telecom franchise review interface is designed in the simplest fashion. You require neither experience nor expertise in technology to use it.
  • Customers Don’t Like It: Customers absolutely love it because it’s a 24/7 line that takes calls without making them wait and route them to the required person instantly.
  • It’s Not a Good Investment: The Big V review system has a very fast ROI which makes it a good investment, particularly a cost-saving one considering that it substitutes for an entire department.
  • It’s No Match for Manual Telecommunication: It is leagues better than manual telecommunication because it unerringly records all communications, documents and organizes the data and lead the calls to the right extension for a one-on-one communication whenever instructed.
  • It’s too Technologically Advanced: We live in an age of technology and embracing technology is the only way to move forward with time. However, it’s not Sci-fi.
  • It Requires Your Managers to Be Trained in Data Mining: No it does not, and Big V Telecom assures users of that.
  • Its Insecure: The Big V Telecom tool stores data in servers that are secured by impregnable firewall protection that keeps all material safe.
  • It’s a Fancy and Unreasonably Priced Answering Machine: It does as much as an entire customer support department. Can an answering machine block spammers, toggle calls, send messages, route calls and archive data?
  • It’s Not a Way of Personal Communication: The Big V Telecom Complaints and Review tool is an IVR oriented system that requires no manual operation, but it has the option to divert calls to personal numbers for direct communication.
  • It’s Not Highly Rated: It is highly rated among its present users. Most of the Big V Telecom customers vouch by it.
  • It’s Puzzling for the Callers: Contacting a company customer service department has never been simpler, what with no hold on requests and the opportunity to talk directly to the contact person when required.

Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews - Complaint of Big V Telecom


It Complicates Business to Client Communication: It does exactly the opposite of it. It is designed to iron out the creases of communication so that clients and companies can communicate more freely in the future.

Things That Make You Understand Complaints of Big V Telecom System

Businesses across the world try heart and soul to satisfy their customers, but what most of them normally miss is that the happiness of customers lies not just in quality products and services. There is another aspect of your service that is critical to the satisfaction of your customers and that’s the customer support. Complaints of Big V Telecom system is loved by entrepreneurs across industries for this sole reason; it takes care of your customers. Although this is not the first time a company has brought forth an automated telecommunication console for companies, the Big V Telecom franchise review is definitely the first of its kind in its cutting-edge features.

Nominal Subscription Cost

The first thing that makes Complaints of Big V Telecom an incredible opportunity to upgrade your customer support is its low-cost subscriptions. Big V Telecom has seen to it that its services do not cost an arm and a leg. Although the company serves a huge mass of giant corporations, it keeps its pricing favorable to clients coming from both ends of the market. The prices are therefore structured to make sure that every small, media and large company can afford this service packages with remarkable ease. Also, the YOCC subscriptions are offered at a minimum one year contract which further plummets the cost when spanned across 12 months.

Reviews And Complaints

No Physical Setup

Another feature that makes the Big V Telecom franchise review tool one of its kind is its lack of physical setup. Unlike the business phone systems, this service requires no consoles to operate through. That means it does not require you to hire a telephone operator either. Saying good bye to the hassles of installation, wiring and operation is a freedom most users are eager to embrace.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

The data backup memory of the Big V complains and reviews system is unlimited for all users. Your call load can be heavy or scant, but you don’t have to worry about the data storage space. All documents are recorded and stored in real time in the backend memory of the system. Users don’t need to worry about cleansing the memory or freeing up space as long as the subscription is running. Users are however required to remove all data from the storage in occasions where they do not wish to continue subscribing.

Anytime Access

The Big V franchise review tool is a cloud-based system and like all cloud-based systems, it offers its users flexible accessibility. Big V Telecom allows its users unfettered access to their respective accounts through a passkey and Internet connection. Through an Internet-enabled device, you can surf your account any time you want. For those who need to access their Big V Telecom account from the phone, there is an app that can help with that. Just install it on your phone and you are good to go.

Five Unbelievable Facts About Big V Telecom Reviews and Complaints

The complaints of Big V Telecom system today enjoys scores of subscribers from all over the country and outside. Its YOCC service is one of the most highly recommended in the industry, and on that account, the company receives bulk of new customers through referral. If you are a subscriber or reading around before you sign up, here are five unbelievable facts about the Big V Telecom franchise review service that you should know about.

Interaction through a Single Integrated Platform

Big V Telecom has made it possible for businesses to consolidate their business lines into one, thus bringing together all callers and call information on to one portal. The complaints of Big V Telecom system presents a comprehensive platform through which two-way communication is possible through voice calls and messages. This makes communication with customers a lot simpler and easy for both the parties.

No Wait Time from Callers

The Big V Telecom franchise review system comes with this incredible feature that does not require callers to wait on hold while the system is taking someone else’s message. The system is equipped to receive multiple calls in real time and that can range from 2 to 10 or more, depending upon the load of the call. This one feature has done away with a major loop hole that the telecom industry has been struggling with for years. Big V Telecom was proud to announce this service that takes care of the insufferable call wait problem by toggling calls with no hold-ups.

No Location Specific Number

Finally with the Big V review system, the problem of geo specification is sorted. Your business’s location will no longer be identified by its contact number. Big V Telecom allows you to put together a 10 digit number of your choice that you want to use for your customer support. This number is not attached to area code of any kind which makes it difficult to spot its specific location. Besides, the service does not have a physical setup which makes it truly location-neutral.

Annual Subscriptions at Peanuts Price

Big V Telecom always strives to launch economically reasonable services. The YOCC system is no different. The subscriptions available for the service is a minimum of a year. The standard pricing of the service is also very moderate, and when spanned over a time frame of 12 months, it’s just gets down to a nominal monthly fee.

Automatic Spam Blocker

The program can block all spam callers automatically. All you need to do is identify the numbers and set it to block mode so that next time someone attempts to make a call from the given numbers, the system will block them automatically. The Big V review system continues to follow the commands until chanced or reset by the users. So, if you want to receive calls from a particular number that you can feed the system to block at some point, you have to disable the blocking feature on that number to restore the communication.

Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews And Complaint System

In Today’s area, every business depends on the customer satisfaction and the positive feedback from the clients. Big V Telecom Consumers complaints, cloud telephony service- YOCC: Your Own Calls’ Center, proves to be the great solution in the market for all the industries.

It’s a reality that now a day the social media has created the vast difference in consumer behavior. Today, customers react instantly and respond immediately. That’s where the Big V Telecom Franchise reviews system can really be helpful in intelligently tackling with the customers.

With the features like multiple call handling, auto –response by way of standard or dynamic courtesy message, multi-language support, missed call alert and smart call transfer all aim at helping the businesses proactive service and making the customers feel valued at every stage of interaction.


The Big V Telecom Reviews system can be handled from one, single number. Away with the multiple phone numbers for customers help, issues, services etc.

If one extends the application to the complaints of Big V Telecom system, the process would as follow:

  • When customer will call on YOCC Unique number to register or review the complaints, he/she will be greeted by a customized message which asks him to state the purpose of the call.
  • Then, he/she will be directed to the concerned department, where he registers his reviews
  • The system database backs up the caller ID and complaint can be accessed by the administrator later.

Lets’ have a look at some of the advantages of YOCC- prime product by Big V Telecom:

Customer Friendly: Many times, customer get frustrated, if they must keep repeating their problem to different operators again and again. The complaints of Big V Telecom handling system avoid this by letting the customer record and backup of all calls so that they can be pulled up for a reference, as and when necessary.

Optional Call Management: The Big V Telecom Complaints and review system integrates both manual and automatic call handling systems which gives you the power to decide which ought to be operational.

Uninterrupted Calls Handling: Designed to be used on a 24x7x365 basis, the reviews of the Big V Telecom system helps you customize the call routing so that customer reviews can be handled seamlessly. Another feature of this system is that your customers can reach you at any time, even if their call clashes with another. The system is configured to receive and record the multi calls at a time.


Big V Telecom Consumers Complaints system helps all our clients to grow and improve faster. With the franchise complaints of Big V Telecom system, now you can have both – great customer service and give your employees the freedom with YOCC- Your Own Calls’ Center.

Big V Telecom Franchise Complaint and Review- The Virtual Medium between Employees & Clients

Every Business requires gateway which makes the possibility of communication with individuals in the market a reality. Every business wants the best compliments from their customers and also best rating or reviews, especially when they are posted in public platforms.

The effective solution to such issues is positioning of affordable cloud network centers for consumers to access. It’s just like opening up a window for the customers to reach out to you for whatever Big V Telecom Franchise review might have.


Big V Telecom offers ‘Simple Affordable Telephony Solutions’ to all the businesses. YOCC- Your Own Calls’ Centre, it is one of the innovative products for businesses to set up cloud telephonic center’s to give consumers a platform to voice their feedbacks, opinions and company reviews. Big V telecom complaints line are open 24×7 for clients from all locations.

YOCC- Your Own Calls’ Centre gives you power to base your entire communication system on an automated, single number that supplies correspondingly to unlimited extensions, without any disturbance. Big V Telecom complaint and reviews management system – YOCC (Your Own Calls’ Centre) fulfill all the needs of consumers and clients.

The Big V Telecom Consumer Complaints system is the mechanical alternative to that. It’s a centralized system which performs most of functions of call Centre operatives with maximum time- efficiency.


YOCC- Your Own Calls’ Centre manages every call in a professional and organized way. Here are advantages of using YOCC as your consumer complaint and review system:

  • Simultaneously handle multiple calls: It’s one of the major technical issues during an outbreak of a common problem in congestion. When the customer call they actually find the line busy as the IVRS is not advanced enough to work without any assistance.But YOCC can solve this issue, it can’t welcome multiple customers simultaneously, but can guide the customer for recording their complaints with the auto generated tickets as well as helps them to check back the status of their issues.
  • Single Number for all your customers: YOCC excels in combining various locations, departments and employees under one single number. With this, your customers will not juggle up between the departments with different numbers till they reach the right one.Big V Telecom franchise review system guides them through to right people to talk in order to get their issue resolved.
  • Quantification of advertisement: YOCC offers quantification of advertisements from any medium whether print or electronic. With the help of it you can get the exact analysis of all advertisements in terms of total number of leads generated which helps the management to plan its future advertisements campaigns.
  • It supports multiple languages: YOCC lets the customer hear and speak in his or her language as it supports multiple languages.
  • It helps to create the Database: YOCC creates the database of contact details and also adds to the efficiency of your customer service and also helps in future business communication with your consumers.
  • It helps in monitoring the calls: YOCC handles all call simultaneously so no calls are missed. Calls get automatically transferred to the executives. YOCC facilitates voice recording of each and every call being attended. You can check out word to word conversation which will help in analyzing the enquiries and can also be used for internal training purposes.

With the Big V Telecom franchise review, now you can have both- great consumer service and give your employees the freedom with YOCC, which allows any calls which left unanswered at their desks to be transferred to a different landline or even their mobile phones.